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Rainbow Bridge... John's newest recording is now available!

Whether you're an enthusiastic listener or someone who is engaged in creating the music, 'tis a wonderful thing indeed to lose one's self in it; a blessing to the soul. I derive a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from my recording projects; arranging and orchestrating each of the musical phrases that make up a piece of music.

Two of the pieces in this collection were new to me. I had never heard 'Ode to Newfoundland' or 'Nancy Spain' until it was suggested by friends that I include them in this collection. I'm glad I got introduced to these two lovely... [read more]

Memories in Music

Every couple of weeks I get together with my friend, Cathy, for the sole purpose of spending an evening listening to music. Cathy is a regular at Taz Records in Halifax. Taz sells mostly LPs and used CDs and after each visit there, Cathy comes over with a bag full of mixed music. The resultant effect of my listening to many different styles of hitherto unheard music, is my taste horizons have expanded. For instance, I found out how much I enjoy Blue Grass and ... [read more]

Cape St. Mary's

There's an old saying; 'if you stop to ask a Newfoundlander the way, you would likely be sharing their supper table that night'. And the Newfoundlanders will tell you that 'strangers are just friends you haven't met yet'.

As a seasoned traveller of Newfoundland, I can most certainly attest to the open friendliness with which Newfoundlanders greet strangers...[read more]

What a Wonderful World

‘I Just Called to say I Love You’ . . In this song Stevie Wonder expresses how simply telephoning someone to convey one’s love for them can make an otherwise unremarkable day so very special. Love is the power that binds us together.... [read more]

Lilac Time

Butterflies and gentle rain

Who among us has not sought peace in music? I believe it is music’s lofty mission to shed light on the depths of the heart. And melody is the absolute language in which the musician speaks to the heart...[read more]


Streets of London

Paved with gold - new and old

I have oft times been heard to propose that music is very much about memories. Through music we may wander where we will through time, reliving past events as we go. There is something very wonderful in music; we know not how, but it speaks straight to our hearts and spirits...[read more]


Mellow - Romantic

The qualities of John Sands’ musical expression, which demand admiration, lie on many different levels of appreciation, each level representing a standard of preference and taste different from another. ...[read more]

Lavenders Blue

Quintessential music of the British Isles 

In ‘Lavenders Blue’ our spirits will take flight across the briny seas to the ancient Celtic world of the British Isles. And who better to guide us along our musical journey than this native Londoner himself...[read more]

Midnight Blue

Souvenirs from around the world

From time to time I get asked what my favourite kind of music is. I have often realized that a piece of music which has instant appeal to my own taste, usually has it’s roots in one of the old classical compositions - and so it is with the title track on this album...[read more]

Canadian Sunset

A sentimental journey

As always, I derived much enjoyment from putting a new collection of songs together - and once again, each melody brought forth memories of times past . . isn’t this the magic of music!...[read more]

La Mer

Beyond the sea

So called Popular Music is the rich stuff of memory; a flowing river from deep in the past, carrying the sensations of another time, another place and another self, and to listen is to be transported...[read more]

Now and Then a Memory

Reminiscing in rhythm

There is little doubt that I got my love for music and rhythm from my mother. Whatever she was doing around the house, you would always hear her singing, and in her time she was an exceptional dancer, winning many awards for her skills on the ballroom dance floor.  She undoubtedly passed this on to me...[read more]


Twilight Dream

Peacefully Arranged

This masterful offering entitled ‘Twilight Dream’ contains an instrumental array of some of our most cherished melodiesThe title track,‘Twilight Dream’ is John’s own composition. It evokes...[read more]

All Creatures Great and Small


Longtime followers and new listeners alike will be enchanted by this rendering of sacred music. John has received many requests over the years for an album featuring a collection of our favourite...[read more]

What Child is This

Traditional Christmas

The first Christian source of a Christmas carol can be found in Luke II: 13-14, “And there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying, `Glory to God in the highest and on...[read more]

Holly Jolly Christmas

Mistletoe merriment

I can’t even begin to tell you how much enjoyment I got putting this album together. We have to give thanks to the many composers who have left the world a rich and varied legacy of special Christmas songs...[read more]