Lavenders Blue

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Lavenders Blue Album Notes:

In ‘Lavenders Blue’ our spirits will take flight across the briny seas to the ancient Celtic world of the British Isles. And who better to guide us along our musical journey than this native Londoner himself - one whose unique musical stylings we have come to recognize and cherish. A veritable cornucopia of enchanting and poignant “airs from the isles” awaits you as bountifully as the rich tapestry of the lands of our forefathers.

While listening to the beautiful sentimental strains of Lavenders Blue, we are set to dreaming of the highlands, valleys, moors and dales of yonder shores. As usual, John has managed to establish an appealing contrast of moods within one theme. While some heartrending ballads will remind us of the quiet and homey lands of Erin, other more dramatic and haunting melodies will conjure up scenes of the turbulent and shifting Atlantic waters surrounding the otherwise tranquil countryside. What’s more, you will be pleasantly surprised to pick out a Latin beat or two resonating out of such selections as Early One Morning and All Through the Night. Such vibrance may inspire you to spring into a Samba rather than curl up in the Friendly Giant’s traditional armchair!

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of familiar hearth side croon songs to enjoy amongst this collection of carefully selected pieces. Listening to John’s inspiring instrumentals reminds us that words are not always necessary for the full appreciation of our old favourites. This is precisely due to the magical ability of John’s orchestrations and arrangements to create imagery. Without words to get in the way, we are filled with images of nymphs and shepherds frolicking in an English Country Garden or Bonnie Prince Charlie fleeing across the sea to Skye. Whether through the voice of a single instrument, the shimmering of many strings, or the robust crescendo of the full orchestral dynamic, we are transported back to that beloved heritage that so many of us hold near and dear. So, come spend a few quiet moments listening and dreaming; let yourself be soothed and charmed by these exquisitely orchestrated waltzes, ballads and harmonies drawing us closer to the British Isles. We might almost find ourselves whispering “take me home again."

John Sands