Now and Then a Memory

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Now and Then a Memory Album Notes:

There is little doubt that I got my love for music and rhythm from my mother. Whatever she was doing around the house, you would always hear her singing, and in her time she was an exceptional dancer, winning many awards for her skills on the ballroom dance floor. She undoubtedly passed this on to me because in later years, and indeed for many years, I toured the British Isles performing strict tempo music for Ballroom Dances.

In this collection of twenty seven songs, all chart busters in their time, there are eleven different strict tempo rhythms. When I was working on this project I was fortunate, and grateful, to have invaluable input from Jane Edgett, one of Canada’s leading ladies of dance, and Kenny and Marion Walsh who were the World Ballroom Dance Champions at the time I was recording this album.

But you don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy this collection of evergreen favourites.

I have put this album together for you to enjoy whenever the mood to relax and reminisce removes you from the hustle and bustle, whether it be by dining, dancing, or by curling up in your favourite comfort corner for solitude and easy listening.

John Sands