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Music is the flower of feeling; and the kindler of memories; it has the gentle capacity to transport you away to visit another place and another meaningful time...

It is recognized that music can have the power to soothe and uplift. When music is orchestrated and arranged through the sensitivity that comes from within a loving and receptive spirit; I believe it becomes a potent but gentle voice that can inspire peace and comfort to a weary and disquieted heart - and uplift a burdened spirit.

It pleases me especially, to hear from folk who have found my music to be a source of calm and peacefulness; because I realize that they are in tune with what I strive to express through my music.

John's newest recording is now available!
Introducing . . Rainbow Bridge

Whether you're an enthusiastic listener or someone who is engaged in creating the music, 'tis a wonderful thing indeed to lose one's self in it; a blessing to the soul. I derive a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from my recording projects; arranging and orchestrating each of the musical phrases that make up a piece of music.

Two of the pieces in this collection were new to me. I had never heard 'Ode to Newfoundland' or 'Nancy Spain' until it was suggested by friends that I include them in this collection. I'm glad I got introduced to these two lovely pieces.

I learned also that Newfoundland - the province that was a country - is the only province in Canada that has it's own anthem. I played 'Ode to Newfoundland' during a concert tour of that beautiful country in 2017. Imagine my surprise when I heard singing and looked out at the audience to see they were all standing with their right hands over their hearts, singing in a most stately manner. But I wasn't really surprised - during my many memorable visits to the Rock I have long since realized that Newfoundlanders are justly proud of their heritage and culture. In the composition of this anthem I have included an impromptu intermezzo which serves... [Read more]

The music playing is a medley of songs from Rainbow Bridge.