All Creatures Great and Small

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All Creatures Great and Small Album Notes:

Longtime followers and new listeners alike will be enchanted by this rendering of sacred music. John has received many requests over the years for an album featuring a collection of our favourite spiritual/sacred pieces. In a conversation with the artist, he said "working on this album project was very meaningful for me. It rekindled many fond memories of my boyhood days singing hymns in Latin as a member of St. Vincent's Convent Choir in London.

Many hundreds of hours of studio time was put into the creation of this work, and this is evident when listening to the variety of voices and rhythms brilliantly orchestrated in these works. We move from a solemn, regal sounding oboe voice in ‘How Great Thou Art’ to an off-beat bass line in the delightful All Creatures Great and Small’. And John revels in creating his own new voices, skilfully weaving one around the other. The resulting layers are full and rich, delivering the warm, peaceful and soothing melodies that have become his trademark.

John's choice of songs in this collection has endeavoured to link the ancient to the recent; the entrenched sacred to the modern spiritual. The blend is successful and surprising. We even discover a whimsical cosmic flute in the ingenious bridge connecting ‘Amazing Grace’ with ‘Jesus Remember Me’.

He gave us eyes to see them,
And lips that we might tell
How great is God Almighty,
Who has made all things well

'All Creatures Great and Small'

...John Sands