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Downloading, Saving, and Unzipping Your Purchased Music Files:

We hope that this page may be helpful to those who are unfamiliar with downloading and opening zip files. A zip file is one in which a number of files (mp3's in our case) are combined into one file for ease of transferal. They are also compressed into a smaller size for faster download times. The following are the basic steps in downloading, saving, and "unzipping" our product files. The screen graphics may look a bit different depending on your operating system, but the steps are basically the same. The first portion reflects Windows 7 while the latter portion represents Windows XP.

1. When you have submitted payment for your music via PayPal or a credit card, you will be taken to a page with a download button which will, when clicked, begin the download process to your computer.


2. After clicking on the download button, you will see a dialog box in which you should click Save.


3. After clicking save, navigate to the location on your computer where you want to save the file. My Music would be a good choice. There you will likely want to create a new folder entitled "John Sands" if this is your first John Sands music purchase. Open the new folder and within it create another new folder named after the CD title.

4. The saved file will appear as a folder with a zipper on it or as a folder with a clamp around it. Right click on this file and select "Extract All." If you have other extraction/compression software you may see WinZip or StuffIt which may also be used to extract the files.

5. With some operating systems, an "Extraction Wizard" will open and provide instructions. Click "Next" to continue.

6. You will need to click the "Browse" button to choose the location for the separate files, most likely the same folder in which you saved the "zipped file." Then click "Next."

7. In the next box, click "Finish" and your files will appear in the chosen folder, ready to be added to your music library, iPod, etc. When you're certain that the files are present, the zipped "container" file can be deleted.


8. After saving to the computer, navigate to your My Music folder and open the folder in which you just saved your music. You should find all of the separate mp3 files there. Double click any file to attempt to use it. If you have the proper program installed, it should allow you to open and use your product. It will open in whatever program your computer has assigned as the default program for opening mp3 files. In most cases, this will be Windows Media Player or, on a Mac, iTunes.

If you are having problems using your product, email Be sure to explain in detail where you are having difficulty and we will respond and try to assist you as needed.

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