Twilight Dream

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Album Notes:

This masterful offering entitled ‘Twilight Dream’ contains an instrumental array of some of our most cherished melodies.

The title track,‘Twilight Dream’ is John’s own composition. It evokes moods and images of that mystical state between sleep and wakefulness when our souls are mellow and our spirits soothed. The enchanting romantic strains flowing from such melodies as ‘Moon River’, ‘My Prayer’ and ‘Wonderland by Night’, deliver us into the sapphire shadows of the water garden where, as our cover depicts, a single white lily is illuminated, lighting the journey into the night. The mystical haunting refrains of ‘The Last Farewell’ and ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’, conjure the rising moon as it caresses the last of sunset’s purple hues.

John never ceases to transform our mood with his orchestrations, carrying us to a sanctuary of song where peace and tranquillity abide. The beautiful ‘Song for Eleanor’ is also a gift from deep within his creative spirit which captures the essence of our theme, where light fades to darkness, only to be once again illuminated by the shimmering moon.

An outstanding selection of waltzes, Latin rhythms and even a Spanish bolero gives breath to this creation. And in keeping with John’s previous works, he continues to delight us by adding his own improvisational touches to our favourite songs.

So as the stars hang suspended over the placid garden of our souls, take this time to allow John’s music to caress you like the warm Hawaiian waves -“at the end of the day, in a dream that’s divine”. Sweet dreams at twilight!

John Sands