The Musician
“John Sands is a master of the electronic organ, he brings a finesse to the art and trade of solo entertainer that’s rarely seen far from the sophisticated capitals of entertainment.”
 Metro Guide Magazine
“I have worked with professional people all my life; local musicians as well as international celebrities. In my forty years as a broadcaster and writer, I have met few musicians who possess the strong conviction, dedication and determination that one finds in John Sands. Not only is he a good musician but his choice of material shows his care in what he is doing is of prime concern, he has a great repertoire.”
 Mail Star & Chronicle Herald
“John Sands is endowed with a keen and bright sense of musicianship and a polished style that has earned him a strong following.”
 Fantasia Presentations
“John Sands is a talented musician who has warmed the hearts of so many of us who truly appreciate fine music; beautifully orchestrated and arranged - and performed with sensitivity.”
 The Stage
“Attending a John Sands concert is as refreshing as it is stimulating. He presents music, arranged and orchestrated by him, that fosters an ambiance of peace and gladness, and tells stories that will have you laughing all the way home.”
 Entertainment Courier
“The distinctive style of John Sands proves to be a breath of fresh air. The effect is mood bending.”
 Gilbert and Sullivan Society
“John Sands provides a unique musical style which is truly habit forming. He has given us many an enjoyable evening of unequalled listening pleasure and his story telling is superb.”
St. John's United Church, Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada
"Those who have never heard a concert by John Sands have missed a time of distinct relaxation, delight and humor.   John's concerts demand skill and energy, which are provided with such a quiet professionalism that the audience is at once captivated by his dexterity at the Yamaha Concert Organ while being filled with a magical peace from becoming a unity with the music.   His program is varied so that everyone is pleased to find favorites as well as expressing enjoyment from gaining an expanded musical horizon.  Each selection is arranged with captivating orchestrations; one wants more of each melody, while at the same time is left satisfied with what has been given.  John's rapport with his audience through his skill of performance, arrangement and selection needs no enhancement, yet more delight is added with his informative and humorous introductions.  We have been so fortunate to have hosted two John Sands Concerts and another is scheduled by popular demand.  The attendance has tripled by word of mouth recommendations. In one phrase, the concerts of John Sands are a ministry, an offering of healing peace. "...Rev. Roland Hutchinson
St. Clements Anglican Church Prince William in New Brunswick
. . . "In two concerts he has presented in our church John Sands has shown himself to be both an accomplished musical artist and a trusted friend of the congregation. John brings to his music a unique originality of expression, playing with a wonderfully light yet moving touch. He gives the gift of soul to what is being played. We hope that he will be with us again in the future."
 Kingston United Church - Nova Scotia
. . . “John’s capacity to create music is a great gift made the greater because it flows from a man of deep spiritual vision. His music heals and lifts the soul. Every concert of his that I have attended leaves me, and many others in a state of grace. He has given several benefit concerts at the Kingston United Church. People come from far and wide to enjoy his music and leave spiritually nourished. ”
 Saint Columbanus Parish - Elgin - Ontario
. . . “Not only is John Sands a talented and accomplished musician, he is an extremely warm and accommodating individual. He played to a capacity crowd who gave him a standing ovation at the conclusion of his program. It is a pleasure to have him perform in our community. I cannot recommend him too highly for an evening of listening pleasure.”  
Brookfield Pastoral Charge - Nova Scotia
. . . “After John performed in our church once, there was no question that people wanted him back again. He is personable and has a unique way of being with his audience - his music is able to take you out of your normal world and bring you to a place of peace and contentment. I also have a great appreciation for who John Sands is, apart from the talent.”
The United Baptist Church of Bridgewater - Nova Scotia
. . . “Thank you for your return visit to Bridgewater. Everyone was enthusiastic about your presentation. You are certainly gifted in music and the Lord has allowed you to bless others with your abilities. You are also gifted with a kind and generous spirit. We hope you will always consider Bridgewater as a place that appreciates you and welcomes you.”
 Sr. Miriam Martin pbvm - Saint Paul University - Ottawa - Ontario
“Dear John,
. . . . Wishing you every success and blessings on your beautiful music ministry.”