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RecordingsWonderful World Memories in Music All Creatures Great and Small Lavenders Blue Cape St. Mary's Midnight Blue LaMer Reflections Lilac Time Twilight Dream Now and Then a Memory Wonderful World Streets of London Canadian Sunset What Child is This? Holly Jolly Christmas

can be purchased in two ways.

To purchase a a regular audio CD, click on the Add to Cart button in the upper section below $20.00 CA. The CD will be shipped to you.

If you prefer to download music digitally to your computer for use with electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), click on the Add to Cart button in the lower section below $14.00 CA. Following your checkout and payment via credit card or PayPal, an email with a download link and instructions will be sent to you within 24 hours. This link will enable you to download the mp3's in a "zipped" file which will need to be "unzipped" or "extracted" into separate mp3 files. Download time will average 15 minutes with a high speed internet connection.


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Album Notes:

The qualities of John Sands’ musical expression, which demand admiration, lie on many different levels of appreciation, each level representing a standard of preference and taste different from another.

To the curious and alert listener, the quality might speak of thematic inventiveness or of the stimulating colour resulting from the imaginative arranging of orchestral voices, creating an attractive adornment of a simple melody line; which line is relaxing, soothing and comforting; yet to another listener, the quality might lie with the sophisticated presentation of a musical idea.

John Sands plays to devoted audiences who, familiar with his unique style, take delight in the enthusiasm and sensitivity he gives to each performance. He is undeniably a master of the Yamaha concert organ which delivers musical excellence under the talented fingers of this dedicated musician.

His repertoire is drawn from a large domain of music, and this album set features time honoured melodies as well as contemporary show classics that are well known to all.

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All Creatures Great and Small Canadian Sunset Cape St. Mary's Holly Jolly Christmas LaMer Lavenders Blue Lilac Time Midnight Blue Now and Then a Memory Reflections Streets of London Twilight Dream What Child is This? Wonderful World