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RecordingsWonderful World Memories in Music All Creatures Great and Small Lavenders Blue Cape St. Mary's Midnight Blue LaMer Reflections Lilac Time Twilight Dream Now and Then a Memory Wonderful World Streets of London Canadian Sunset What Child is This? Holly Jolly Christmas

Serene, nostalgic, warm and with a touch of swing... all apt descriptions of both the music and personality of JohnSands. His style hints of contemporary, classical, Latin and original rhythms. John hailsfrom London, England, where he began his professional career as a pianist and organist more than four decades ago. His talent and finesse earned him considerable respect and a faithful following while performing a busy circuit in the dance halls and concert halls of England. On his first concert tour of North America, more that twenty years ago, he immediately established his reputation as an extraordinary entertainer; presenting music, tastefully and sensitively arranged and orchestrated by him, that fosters an ambiance of peace and gladness.

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'happiness is being in the moment'

Amid the hustle and bustle of living, of getting to where we need to go in life, we sometimes forget the anchors of our lives, those things which correct our perspective when the world seems to be spinning faster than we can run. One of these anchors is life itself. We need to stop and reflect, pause, and let our minds drift over the places and faces that colour our lives; the joys and sorrows of years gone by. Now and then we should detach ourselves, undo the harness and let our minds loose to wander back and ponder that which makes us who and what we are; let the corners of our eyes crinkle and twinkle over experiences shared with friends and loves ones, even those experiences shared with strangers who have somehow left a few grains of themselves embedded in our lives. We need to take the time to stop and recapture feelings.

There are no strangers in the life of John Sands after he has spent an evening, an afternoon, or even an hour making friends through his music. With these albums, he has put together music for you to enjoy whenever the mood to relax and reminisce removes you from the hustle and bustle, whether it be by dining, dancing, or by curling up in your favourite comfort corner for solitude and easy listening.

Sustained Quality. The man; his music; his dedication, and his love for what he does best - making music. Put all of these together and you have a sterling example of musical excellence which emanates from the keyboards of a Yamaha Concert Organ via the talented fingertips of John Christopher Sands, who began teaching himself to become a master of keyboards at the age of 12 in his native London, England.

It has been a long way from the dance halls, concert halls and nightclubs of London, England, to the console of the concert organ which stands before him on stage today. Everyone who has had the pleasure of listening to him in person feels the enthusiasm and emotion he gives to each performance.

These qualities have made friends for John and his music from coast to coast in Canada and the United States; in England and many other countries around the world.

Sometimes forever isn’t always - forever’s just a long way from now. There must be times in a musician’s life when it seems that forever is always, and certainly a long way from now, when he spends countless hours in isolation to arrange and orchestrate music which flows and shows theway back to yesterday. Nostalgia. Nostalgia itself takes a long time to become- a long time until yesterdays mellow into memories.

John Sands - in his music, a builder of memories





'inspired to weave musical threads'...


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All Creatures Great and Small Canadian Sunset Cape St. Mary's Holly Jolly Christmas LaMer Lavenders Blue Lilac Time Midnight Blue Now and Then a Memory Reflections Streets of London Twilight Dream What Child is This? Wonderful World