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Music is the flower of feeling; and the kindler of memories; it has the gentle capacity to transport you away to visit another place and another meaningful time...

It is recognized that music can have the power to soothe and uplift. When music is orchestrated and arranged through the sensitivity that comes from within a loving and receptive spirit; I believe it becomes a potent but gentle voice that can inspire peace and comfort to a weary and disquieted heart - and uplift a burdened spirit.

It pleases me especially, to hear from folk who have found my music to be a source of calm and peacefulness; because I realize that they are in tune with what I strive to express through my music.


Cape St. Mary's... John's newest recording is now available!

I can boast a claim to have been 'screeched in' and therefore stand proudly as an 'Honourary Newfoundlander'. There's an old saying; 'if you stop to ask a Newfoundlander the way, you would likely be sharing their supper Cape St. Mary'stable that night'. And the Newfoundlanders will tell you that 'strangers are just friends you haven't met yet'.

As a seasoned traveller of Newfoundland, I can most certainly attest to the open friendliness with which Newfoundlanders greet strangers..

Otto Kelland, is best known for his hauntingly beautiful song 'Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's,' a wistful and much loved Newfoundland song, and I recorded this by way of a tribute to the lovely people of that beautiful province... read more

The music that is currently playing on this page is the title track from this CD.

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John Sands

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